Mission & Values

At Clanwilliam Health, our vision is to provide aged care facilities that meet the highest standard of care to our residents, providing support and enriching them in the latter stages of their lives.

Our Mission

  • To provide a friendly, caring, supportive and understanding environment for our residents, their families and friends.

  • To provide services that are uniquely aligned to the individual needs of our residents.

  • To meet the standards as prescribed by legislation and the expected outcomes of the Accreditation Standards.

  • To maintain a high level of stability in our organisation to enable us to continue serving our residents into the future.

We achieve this through our dedicated, highly trained and competent staff who are committed to the ongoing care and well-being of our residents.

aged care facilities that meet the highest standard

Our Values

  • Our first priority is to our residents, their families and any other person who relies on our services.

  • In meeting the need of residents, everything we do must be of a high standard.

  • We believe we are privileged to share a part of residents’ lives while they reside with us and to care for them and their families and, if need be, at the time of death.

  • We provide our staff with opportunities for professional and personal development which, in turn, enables them to provide higher standards of care.

  • We believe in the rights of the individual, to be treated with dignity, compassion and understanding.

  • Continuous quality improvement is vital and we foster open and transparent communication by encouraging all residents, family members and staff to raise concerns and make suggestions.

  • We believe our facilities must be maintained to a high standard, enabling our residents, their families and our staff to enjoy surroundings that are comfortable, welcoming and safe.

  • Financial stability through competent, just and ethical management is essential to ensure our residents, their families and our staff have security of tenure and peace of mind.

We believe we are part of the community in which we live and work, and we are responsible for developing an involvement that benefits both our residents and the community at large.