Selecting a residential aged care provider is a difficult choice. While there are many facilities to close from, it’s important to find one that is a good ‘fit’ based on personal needs, location and a number of other factors. If you are navigating the world of residential aged care for the first time you will, no doubt, have many questions.

We have provided responses to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions, below.

For independent advice and answers to common aged care related questions, you can visit the Australian Government’s My Aged Care website which explains services available for:

If we have missed one of your questions, if you would like to chat with one of our helpful staff about our permanent or respite care, or visit a Clanwilliam Aged Care Facility, you can contact us or phone us direct on (07) 3397 9055.

The Australian Government pays for the bulk of aged care services; residents and families pay the gap. The contribution that residents and families are required to pay is capped by the Government.

Costs will differ depending on your personal circumstances, the facility and the type of care required. The Australian Government explains the different types of costs and provides a Fee Estimator to calculate the costs of residential aged care. Click here to access the Fee Estimator.

For further information, contact us or phone us on (07) 3397 9055.

Respite care (also called “short term care”) allows carers to take a break for a set period of time. It is provided at our residential aged care facilities to support people with their day-to-day living activities.

Click here to find out more about the Respite Care services we provide, or contact us for more details.


Clanwiliam Health is a local, family business. Our aged care facilities have been owned and run by the Potts family for the last 45 years. Our reputation and family pride is vested in our homes and this drives us to strive for excellence in everything we do. Because we’re locals, we also understand the Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast areas and the needs of local people.

To read what our residents and their families say about us, visit our Testimonials page.

For further information, contact us or phone us on (07) 3397 9055.

At Clanwilliam Health, we have spent the last 45 years perfecting the service we provide to our residents. Our decades of experience mean that we know what matters to residents and loved ones.

Our people, and the care we provide, set us apart.

At Clanwilliam Health our staff are highly qualified, proactive, professional, caring and responsive to the needs of residents and family members. Our staff are passionate about what they do; many stay with us for the long term. Some staff members have been with us for more than 30 years.

The care we provide is individualised and second-to-none. For example, we employ professional chefs who carefully prepare meals, fresh on-site. Meals are designed to cater to each resident’s nutritional, medical and dietary requirements. Our chefs have expert knowledge of the unique dietary needs of older people.   

Our management team are held in high esteem by the Government and within the aged care sector. Members of the Potts Family held senior positions with the Australian Nursing Homes & Extended Care Association for 15 years. Clanwilliam Health was also a member of the Department of Health and Ageing’s Queensland “Aged Care Network” for several years. Members of our management team continue to actively contribute to industry and government bodies.

Clanwilliam Health consistently meets and exceeds the Australian Government’s benchmarks for aged care providers, as set out by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. All of our facilities consistently attain the maximum three years accreditation. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures residents, their families and staff see continuity and stability in service and care.

A person’s eligibility for an Australian Government funded aged care place is determined by an assessment with an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).  An ACAT assessment is free and usually involves a doctor who assesses a person’s needs to determine whether they are eligible to receive residential care. This includes Permanent Care and Respite Care.

For further information about ACAT assessments is provided on the Australian Government’s My Aged Care website, or you can contact us for more details.

Clanwilliam Health aged care facilities allow residents to live in a supported environment where help is available when needed. We provide help with day-to-day living activities such as dressing, eating, mobility, bathing and going to the toilet.

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