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Clanwilliam Aged Care – Janolma offers 36 residential aged care beds, providing permanent care and respite care.

  • dementia-safe premises with key-pad security
  • all meals prepared on site and cooked fresh daily, covering all dietary requirements
  • trained and experienced aged care staff delivering excellent care


We offer a diverse range of leisure, lifestyle, cultural and spiritual activities for our residents, based on a thorough assessment of their interests and abilities. We listen to what our residents enjoy most and create a new activities program every week. Our most popular activities include performances, crafts, music and games.


Meet some of our wonderful staff who work at Janolma. It takes passion and dedication to work in aged care and we’re so proud of our people who deliver the highest quality care every day.

Room choices

We offer a choice of single, twin and triple share rooms with shared bathroom facilities. We invite you to visit us and see firsthand the safe and comfortable home environment we have created.


  • 24 hour care from experienced and qualified nursing and personal care staff, including assistance with activities of daily living including dressing, eating, going to the toilet, bathing, moving around and managing medications
  • Quality furniture and fittings
  • Access to medical and pharmaceutical supplies and equipment
  • Basic toiletries such as tissues and toothpaste
  • Full laundry, bedding and cleaning services
We also offer


  • access to mobility aids, such as walking frames
  • access to visiting allied health professionals including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, podiatry, dentistry and optometry

Where to find us

Clanwilliam Aged Care – Janolma

10 Holland Street
Greenslopes QLD 4120

Telephone (07) 3397 1003

For enquiries about placements, please telephone 3451 8610 or email enquiries@clanwilliam.com.au 


Clanwilliam Aged Care – Janolma has consistently attained the maximum accreditation under the Residential Aged Care Accreditation Standards.
You can verify this on the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency website.


Clanwilliam Health prides itself on consistently meeting and exceeding the Accreditation Standards as set out by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, with all of our facilities consistently attaining the maximum three years accreditation. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures residents, their families and staff see continuity and stability in service and care.

Residential Aged Care Accreditation Standards

There are four standards that must be met, with a total of 44 expected outcomes. They set the standard across all aged care facilities for management, staffing, health and personal care, resident lifestyle, living environment, catering, cleaning, continuous improvement, and safety and security.

Standard 1
Management systems, staffing and organisational development

This includes systems that facilitate and manage resident information, complaints, communication, staff training, facilities maintenance and more.

Accreditation Standards fact sheet

Standard 2
Health and personal care

This includes managing medication correctly and safely, providing a varied and balanced diet, ensuring access to appropriate medical care and specialists if needed and ensuring mobility.

Accreditation Standards fact sheet

Standard 3
Care recipient lifestyle

This includes providing opportunities for residents to participate in leisure, lifestyle, cultural and spiritual activities, encouraging participation in decisions about services, and respecting privacy, dignity and confidentiality.

Accreditation Standards fact sheet

Standard 4
Physical environment and safe systems

This includes minimising risks associated with fire, security and emergency, implementing effective infection control, ensuring staff have appropriate knowledge and skills and providing effective catering, cleaning and laundry.

Accreditation Standards fact sheet

How are our facilities assessed?

Accreditation assessors conduct comprehensive periodic audits as well as unannounced visits on each of our aged care facilities to monitor continuing compliance. In addition to attaining feedback directly from residents and their families, assessors observe the practices at the facility and review documented procedures, resident records, staff rosters, incident reports, care plans and complaints registers. Evidence is then corroborated and measured against the Accreditation Standards.

Why is accreditation important?

To ensure residents and their families receive the best possible care and service, all aged care facilities are required to meet the Accreditation Standards. It is about setting explicit and measurable standards according to what the public expects of all aged care homes. If a facility fails to meet the Accreditation Standards, the period of accreditation can be reduced or revoked entirely. Without accreditation, aged care facilities cannot receive government subsidies.

Better Quality. Better Care. Better Life.