Featured employee: Gill Haley

Gill commenced working with Clanwilliam - Aged Care as an AIN over twenty years ago in 1992 and has loved every minute of it. Gill has a passion for nursing and was encouraged by Clanwilliam to pursue a nursing career which she successfully completed obtaining her EEN qualification in 2006.

Gill says that over the past twenty years she has had the privilege of being part of many changes not only within Clanwilliam - Aged Care but aged care in general and is proud to work with an organisation that has a genuine commitment to quality care for all its residents. She encourages anyone with a genuine interest in aged care to join the team and realise their true potential through the organisation’s on-going personal and professional development programs. Gill says she enjoys coming to work every day and working with a dedicated team of nursing professionals where every new day brings a new and exciting challenge.