Featured employee: Heather Ebbstein

Heather is the Principal Team Leader at Clanwilliam - Aged Care’s Bethania Gardens Facility. Heather joined the organisation in January 2001 as an Assistant in Nursing initially at our Beenleigh Nursing Home. Heather’s skills and obvious commitment to aged care identified her as a potential leader and Clanwilliam Aged Care helped her to develop those skills – leading to her current role as Principal Team Leader.

Heather was recently asked by a friend “What would you do in your life if you could do it over again, with no obstacles or hindrances?” Her answer was “'I would do exactly what I am doing now, but would have started much, much sooner.”

Heather says that the opportunities afforded to her by Clanwilliam have allowed her to work and train with a care team who share her enthusiasm and commitment to aged care. This makes it a pleasure to start her day caring for our residents and working with a qualified and dedicated nursing team.

Heather is looking forward to many more happy years working with Clanwilliam - Aged Care.